Electrical Panel Clearance Question?

MasterspyMarch 9, 2012


I realize the clearance for Electrical Panels has been addressed, but I think I do have a fresh spin on this question. I am well aware of the 30" X 36" x 6.5' rule for clearance. However, in our laundry room we were really hoping to put a cabinet/counter work space in. Is it ok to have a counter underneath the panel if it is not permanent but a rolling cabinet? Does the rule still apply? I mean after all the code is there to ensure proper access and work space when servicing the panel. All one would have to do is roll the counter out of the way. In place you would still have acccess to the panel to get at breakers? Any thoughts? Again, a roll away cabinet nder the panel, not a permanent installation. IS this ok?

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Ron Natalie

While the code doesn't strictly address this, as long as the space could be made accessible without having to rip apart some finished fixtures/surface, you should be OK.

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