Outdoor shower mosaic on Wedi-is glass okay?

jenelSeptember 22, 2009

For my next project, I'm going to create a mosaic on Wedi board, which we'll use as a very simple outdoor shower by our pool. Basically, my husband's going to attach something to the top of the Wedi to hold the hose spray nozzle, and that's it. When we need it, we'll bring the hose over, hook it on, and we're done. When we don't need it, the hose will return to its hook on the wall.

I've never used Wedi before and I've never done an outdoor mosaic before, so any advice you care to offer will be very welcome. I know it would make more sense to start out with something small, but I don't like to do anything simple. Here are some specific questions I have:

-Should I mosaic both sides of the Wedi? If not, what should I do with the backside? It'll be backed up to our fence but I don't think it'll be attached to the fence. My husband is thinking of building a metal frame for it, in which case I'd need to do something with the back, but the next question would be moot.

-Should I mosaic around the edges and, if so, is there a specific way to do it to ensure that water doesn't get inside the foam part of the Wedi?

-Can I use stained glass? (Not glass tiles.) My concern is that the stained glass is smooth on both sides. I'd been thinking of gluing the glass to mesh first, but even doing that, will the glass stick to the mastic even after rainstorms, etc? (We live in Texas, so freezing isn't a major problem, though we do have 1-2 freezes each year.) I'd cut the glass into small tile-sized pieces, an inch or smaller.

If I can't use stained glass, which I have in abundance, then I'll have to buy tile. Expensive! But I want to do this right. I'd like this to be something that lasts forever.



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Jenel - yes you can use stained glass on wedi. That's all I've ever used and no problem. I mosaic the sides of mine too but if you put a metal frame on it there is no need for that.

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Thanks so much! That's wonderful to know. I can't wait to get started on it... but first, of course, I need to finish the current WIP. If I started a new one, my husband would have a conniption fit. LOL

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