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bsmith6356July 30, 2014

Hi there! We are working with an architect to design an addition that includes a dining room and sunroom. Our goal is to match the existing windows in the house, which are brown/bronze aluminum (no name brand on windows). House built in 1988, on a wooded lot, all "nature/earthy" colors inside and out. I am looking for horizontal sliding windows for the sunroom, where BOTH panels can be removed....would like to be able to completely open the porch up in the Spring and Summer. We have already looked at the EZE Breeze system and don't care for them, plus they have no significant R value.
We have shopped over 10 major windows manufacturers, and I've searched the Internet exhaustively. Pella's Impervia fiberglass window offers the brown inside and out, but only one window slides. Champion and Window World offers sliders where each window can be removed, and have brown on the exterior...but can only get beige, white or a wood product interior frame.
So...all brown, both slider panes removable. Am I asking too much?
Thanks, Brent
Charlotte, NC

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There is a reason why they are not available as you describe. They will not perform nor seal properly over the long haul. Eze Breeze system are really not windows but a glorified storm/screen system. And if the brands your mentioning are what your exhaustive internet search is leading you to in general you should look for another web browser because all you mentioned are truthfully garbage windows.

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Windows on Washington


There are vinyl windows that can be painted in the exterior and have a paintable and stainable interior as well.

You could opt for one of those and figure on some painting work.

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Windowsonwashington, thanks for your input.
Millworkman: I'm a bit confused over your comment. My goal is to create a "convertible" screen porch/sunroom. We don't like Casement windows, don't want regular windows, so I'm searching for alternatives. My initial searches for "removable windows, sunroom, screened porch" continually led me to EZE Breeze, which I nixed right off the bat. I added it to my post to avoid members from suggesting. I've done open searches for "sliding windows, removable, gliding windows," etc. Sure, I can find other window manufacturers. I live in North Carolina, so I'd be wasting my time looking at companies that are located on the West Coast. I'm avoiding small custom manufacturers because I can't get reviews on their windows or service. I listed Champion and Window World because they're the only companies I have come across that offer what I consider "convertible." Not saying I'm buying from them, or that their windows are good, nor the company, just that they offer the product, and guarantee for life. 70% of the companies I've come across only offer sliding windows with a wood, white or beige interior color...and countless colors for exterior. I posted on here hoping to find some solutions, suggestions of where to look, or a suggestion for a product I haven't considered. How about maybe offering some links, or ideas to consider...for both the windows and a new web browser...although I typically find that Google has a fairly large database of information Thanks!

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Windows on Washington

Sliders will be your best an cheapest bet there.

If you are pulling the parts in and out from time to time, I am not sure I would get a painted vinyl.

You can probably find something fiberglass with that bronze exterior and while the fixed panel is fixed, many allow for them to be removed by pulling a couple of screws.

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Have you checked out this companies options?

Disclaimer - I know nothing of the company/product except a friend of mine was looking at them. I believe it is a national company that uses local contractors.

Here is a link that might be useful: sunrooms

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There is a company (sorry, can't remember their name at the moment or I'd post a link) who makes glass walls which fold or slide out of the way unlike a traditional sliding glass door. I can't vouch for quality, and I'm guessing they are costly, but that might be what you are looking for, even though they wouldn't actually be removed in summer.

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Windows on Washington

I think you are referring to Nana walls. There are several companies that make similar systems.

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