Constant Forcee balance system

mark101July 24, 2012

i have 3 windows i had installed 3 years ago with a 3/4 inch constant force balance which are 32 x 54 in size ( double hung). from day one the top sash would come down rather easily when closing the bottom. my installer said thats just how the manufacturer adjusted the balance tension. is there anyway to tighten/ adjust the tension of the balance so the top doesnt come down so easily?

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Can you post a pic of the mechanism? Some manufacturers have an adjujstment "kit", which is essentially a little set screw that self-threads into a hole in the plastic case. This spreads the case apart, creating more friction and helping the window stay up.

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You could also ask if the next higher force balance is an option (typically, additional coils are added to increase counterbalancing force). This would require a service call.

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+1 to Trapper's comment, although most manufacturers will probably try to avoid that.
Does the top sash "drift" down on its own, or does it only go down when the lower sash is closed, thereby pulling it down? If the latter, it could also be a matter of a poorly installed/adjusted/built window, in that the interlock is hanging up.

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Post a picture of the balance.

Many times, you can tight the screw that holds the balance mechanism in place and effectively add a bit of "tension". Be careful with this approach as you can create operational issues too if overdone.

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where are those screws that you can tighten located?

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Depends on the balance system. The screw I am referring to goes through the balance assembly and holds it to the frame.

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Most windows are serviceable at least to this extent. Sorry that your installer doesn't have the time or inclination to come and adjust them for you, but it would probably be fairly easy.

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