Coleman Generator: One 120v leg has no voltage.

ksnhMarch 20, 2010

I have a fairly new Coleman 5700/7125 watt generator with a Yamaha engine. The engine starts and runs as expected, but the generator only outputs on one of the two 120v legs. There is no voltage whatsoever to one of the two 120v outlet pairs and to one of the 120v contacts in the 240v outlet. There is also no output at the back side of one of the circuit breakers, meaning that the breaker is not the issue.

Any suggestions on troubleshooting steps?

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Step 1. Check once again for loose/open connections.

Step 2. Check stator windings for continuity/shorts to the set frame.

Step 3. If a shorted to the frame or open stator winding is found, replace the stator. It may be more cost/time effective to replace the set with a new one.

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