How to apply powdered pigment to polymer clay

phish_gwSeptember 9, 2011

Hi all. I've decided it would be really cool to create my own tess out of polymer clay (then I can completely control the color, size, texture, ect.). I had a problem that I'm hoping someone here might be able to help with (also posted this on the clay forum but it looks like there is not much activity there).

I got some sparkly powdered pigment to apply to my polymer clay. I tried brushing the pigment on and then baking. The good news is it looks great. The bad news is that when I touch the piece, even after baking, I get the pigment all over my hands and clothes.

So the next time I tried first applying sculpey glue, then the powdered pigment. Again, I baked, it looked great, but when I touch the piece, even after baking, I get the pigment all over my hands and clothes.

Does anyone have any advice on how to apply the pigment so it doesn't rub off after baking? Thanks!

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I Googled for the info, and read the first site that came up. Try this, and Google for other sites. There's also video tutorials.
Pigments to clay

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I asked your questions to someone on another forum who is very experienced in pc and this is her reply:

you have to seal with powder.

there are lots of ways to do it, but the most common way is to apply the powder when the clay is raw. after baking brush on a sealant such as Future Floor Wax, water-based Varathane, resin, or some other glaze. the powders looks SO amazing. btw, if you use Perfect Pearls powder they don't need to be sealed. but everything else does.

Hope this helps!

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