Windows for New Construction House

CARDSguyJuly 30, 2014

We are building a new home with 24 windows in various sizes, majority of them being 34 x 72, with 2 of them having arched tops.

We have quotes for the following:
Pella Pro-line: $11,000
Jeld-Wen Site Line EX: $11,000
Integrity Marvin: $18,000

The price for the Pella's and Jeld-Wens are built into our purchase price of our home. We are already at the top end of our budget, so would it be worth the extra $7,000 for the Integrity?

Does the pricing on these look in line?

This is with all standard options (grills/LoE272 w/Argon).

If we can't swing the extra $7,000, then what would your recommendation be?

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I would do what you need to do to use the Integrity honestly. Maybe look to see if there is another dealer in your area for the Integrity. Putting it bluntly Pella Proline and anything Jeldwen are complete crap. You want to buy windows once and have them perform for 20-25 years without having to think of replacing them and neither of those two will do that or perform well from day one in my opinion.

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Thats what I figured. I went back and looked at the Jeld-Wen quote and it was actually for the W-2500 windows which look like complete crap. We have one kolbe dealer in town and one other Marvin. I will get some quotes from them and report back what I find.

We plan on being in this house for at least twenty years so the windows are important to me, it's just convincing the other half that its worth it.

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Kolbe is going to be considerable more, they are about even to slightly less dollar wise as compared with the Marvin Ultimate's and unfortunately really have nothing comparable to the Integrity.

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No good on either brand in my opinion. Quite possibly worse than Jeldwen.

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