Gas Stove Wiring Problem...Diagnosis, Please...

kudzu9March 17, 2010

I have a 4-burner Maytag gas range. Occasionally the breaker has tripped for no apparent reason, and everything has been fine after I re-set it. However, today when I re-set it the electronic igniters for the two back burners started clicking, even though the burners were off. When I turned one of the burners on to get a flame, the breaker immediately tripped again. When I re-set it, the clicking started again, and it tripped again as soon as I tried to turn on the gas. What's going on here? Is this an easy maintenance fix, or is it time to call the repairman? And is it dangerous in the meantime? Thanks.

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Is the breaker a GFCI breaker (they have a 'test' button on them)?

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It's a regular breaker, and since it's an all-gas range, it's only a single breaker. The development today is that I can't get the breaker to re-set (and I do know to move it to the full off position before turning it back on). So, do you think it's a problem in the range, or a bad breaker, or...?

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Try unplugging the range and plug something else into it. Maybe a toaster. after you try a lamp. Buy an outlet tester to verify proper outlet wiring.

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Sounds like you have a problem with the range. The breaker is doing its job. Have the range serviced.

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Thanks for the comments, everyone. The wall wiring seems to be fine, and I'm going to get a repair guy out on Saturday to check the range. I'll re-post with the results....

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The repairman came and found a defective switch for the igniters that was shorting out. I have a person who comes in once a month to help with cleaning and she apparently has been doing a really good job of cleaning the removing the knobs and apparently getting water/soap in the holes when she scrubs the front panel clean!

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