Need advice on installing garden window in masonry wall

psu67July 11, 2009

I'm a DIYer but not sure if I should tackle this job. As part of a kitchen remodel I want to install a garden window in an existing windowless wall. The wall is block construction with brick veneer. On the interior, dry wall is fastened over ferring strips attached to the block. How difficult is the task of cutting through the masonry to create the rough opening? Can I use a masonry blade on a circular saw, or do I have to rent a gas-powered behemoth? Should I frame out the rough opening in any way? I know if I want to preserve the 3 or 4 rows of bricks above the window, I will need to install an angle iron header. How difficult is that? Above these few rows of bricks there is an existing header of sistered 2x8s on a 2x plate supporting the "stick"-built, siding-covered wall rising to the roof peak at this one end of the house.

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