Paradigm or Gorell

clancy8July 29, 2010

Need advice on which brand to choose. Hybrid Paradigm window triple glaze U=.20 or Gorell double hung triple glaze U=.20

Windows cost basicly the same. Is one better constucted than the other. Each offers either lifetime or 50 year warranty.

Thanks for any insight

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Gorell has one of the best reputations for CS in the industry. What model Gorell were you looking at?

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Gorell - new construction -Starview - triple pane with internal grids. Not sure of Gas composition.

I have heard that Gorell was high in CS. Saw that Paradigm was used in a number of Fine Homebuilding homes.House to be built in windy location (on a hill in NE PA)

Windows are to be used in superinsulated house (R-40 walls). Would you recommend these two suppliers for patio/French doors? Preference one over another?

Thanks for the reply.

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Gorell has also won numerous Energy Star awards. Regardless of your choice bear in mind that the window will be the weak point in a super insulated wall. A.20U equates to an R5 hole in an R40 wall. This is a big step. You will notice a difference when standing near the window. The installation also becomes very important so be sure choose a qualified installer. The area between the window frame and the adjoining wall must be properly flashed, sealed and insulated. Best of Luck

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