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sabrefanJuly 31, 2009


Due to the size of my windows, 32w x 38h, I am most interested in windows with a slim profile. Any comments regarding the standard Sunrise window (not Restorations or Vanguard), or the Softlite Barrington window? I am looking for a "good" window to meet the energy credit.


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It is my understanding that the standard Sunrise window uses the same extrusion profile and therefore has the same thickness. The Barrington window has a goofy exterior on the head (top frame section) profile. The Bainbridge is the prettier of the two. Okna also have a very thin profile window line as well.

Those are probably the 3 best at the narrow end of things.

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Thank you for the information... the Sunrise contractor was recommended to me by a friend, so I am most comfortable going with that window. I am a little concerned about the frame not being reinforced (as in the Restorations/Vanguard models), but hopefully it will not be an issue with my window sizes. I think the contractor said it was an option though?

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