xpost, outlet and light switch, not enough room

swspitfireMarch 31, 2010

I have a small wall space near my peninsula for some electrical. There is a support post at the end of the pictured wall so the switches cannot move over.

They are taking up too much space! The cabinet installers put in some spacers so the tall cabinet will not be in front of theses electrical boxes,

but now that pushes everything back 1.25 inches and the last cabinet in the run will now extend about an inch into the doorway- hate it.

Any thoughts on how I can make this work?

Can I have 3 single boxes above one another and perhaps an outlet at the end of the peninsula behind and to the side of the end top drawer?

(xpost in kitchen forum)

pics follow:

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Uh-oh. Someone did not measure right.

Sure, you can have single gang boxes stacked. A receptacle is required at the peninsula anyway, even with one where those boxes are.

I find that an extremely odd place for switches myself. What was the logic of putting them there?

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SEveral options
You can stack them above each other.
You can get a dual switch that fits into a single box.
Here are a couple of samples.

Or they come with switch receptacle combo. GFCI or three way are available.

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re: odd place for switches, the gc said I could not have an outlet in my cabinets in the peninsula, not enough room.
I did want one outlet in that current location for the telephone. It is a central spot (near DR to the right, near LR straight ahead and in the kitchen.) I think there are 2 light switches, one for the pot lights above the peninsula, and one for the in cabinet lighting (tall cab just to the right)
I see now that there is room for an outlet behind the drawer in the last cabinet in the peninsula so I will push for that. I also have some empty space behind that small filler cabinet (just below current switches in pic) so maybe one of the pop-up outlets could work.
Where else can I have the inside cab lights? Can there be a switch inside?

My gc said I could NOT have them stacked above one another.
That was my choice when they were planning out the locations.
Thanks for the pics of some options.
Can a dimmer work with those pictured options?
Thank you for the examples!

BTW I am in Vancouver Canada (incase codes are different)

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