Seeking information on Winchester Bristol windows sold by Rescom

NewEnglandDIYerJuly 21, 2013

I've been reading through lots of bulletin boards and sites and am frankly quite surprised, with the power and reach of the internet, that I can't find much independent information about a sales company called Rescom out of Auburn, MA that is the New England reseller of a Pittsburgh, PA manufactured window called the Winchester Bristol.

I can find very few mentions of the Bristol. Nothing recent on or either. They are trying to compete at the top of the line charging between $1000-$2000 per window (depending on how good of a haggler you are, I guess).

The product appears to be very good: triple pane, their own special combination of gas between the layers, a patented sealing system that they say won't fog up, a 50-year fully transferable (between homeowners) warranty, a vinyl-clad metal composite frame with what appears to be quite a secure locking system. They claim energy efficiency and noise reduction.

I did find an FTC ruling from last year that they were claiming false energy savings:

Does anyone have any experience with these? I guess I am opening the door to all sales people too since they are probably the only people lurking on forums for questions on their windows, but I hope I get people who've actually installed them or worked with them that have no bias.

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Why would you look at a company that was proven to use false performance claims? I had not heard anything about that but also have never really heard anything good about Bristol Windows so the really does not surprise me.

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False might have been too strong language, however they could not substantiate the levels they were marketing. I'd just like to know what performance real customers have experienced.

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Search Bristol windows on here and there will be a few interesting posts. I still have no idea why anyone would consider their products when it has been proven that they have lied.

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