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imamommyAugust 8, 2008

It came up on another thread about searching court/public records and i didn't wanna hijack that thread, so starting a new one.

First, even in no fault divorces, there can still be 'dirt'. CA is no fault, but if there is a contested custody case (where the parent's don't agree on custody at any point), there may be declarations. In my DH's ex's divorce case, both her and her husband had friends write declarations because both wanted custody of their daughter. Also, if there is any domestic violence alleged, there will be information on that or possibly a separate case set up. (I've seen several in some cases) Some counties have online indexes where you can search by name to see if there is any case. In other areas where it's not online, you have to go down to the court clerk's office. (In my county, there is a different location for civil, family, and criminal/small claims) so I'd have to go to each and ask the clerk to search a name. Some clerks offices have a computer where you can search yourself. Some have a log that you can look through. Unless the case is 'confidential', you can see in it. Paternity cases in CA are confidential. If only part of the case is confidential, the clerk will remove that part and let you see the rest.

I also google people too. Sometimes, you get nothing but I met a guy online and had only talked to him on the phone a few times. He wanted to meet but I'd already gotten one red flag when he made a comment that I need to get an answering machine for my house because I didn't answer my phone when he called. I googled his name and found he had been involved in a sexual harassment case involving a co worker he had dated and become overly controlling. He was a police officer for San Francisco PD and there was a news story about it. That would never have come up in court papers unless she filed a formal restraining order against him.

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If you live in VA u can search online for civil,traffic and criminal all on one database. Just google Va court systems and click on case look up......

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My FDH did a background check on ME when we first met! I did the usual google search on him, but he went all out and paid for a complete background check. I was pretty shocked at first, but then I realized that he was just trying to protect himself in case I was some sort of criminal nutcase. Once I got over the shock, he paid for me to have the same background check on him!!

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Where I live you can go online and check a bunch of civil things, like liens. I also do that to make certain no one has put a lien on my moms house (there is a lot of identify theft issues with the elderly) once a month or so. www. charges a small fee (I think less than $50) for background info. I would check these type of places before I let someone in my house or my life.

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I've used intellius and find it a waste of money. I guess it CAN get some information, but I bought a 'comprehensive' background on myself to find out if I should use it for my business. I was not impressed.

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We used intellius to find my SD19's mom .... she is still alive and kicking ... in Kentucky.

That was a year ago SD has still not contacted her mom ... she's been MIA for over 10 years.

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Ima, I think intellius will just give you enough to do leg work yourself. It will tell you where someone lived over last (I forget how many years) and then you can track down courthouses.

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intellius and some of the other pay as you go internet sites will give you some info. I found it to be lacking and out of date info. It would give you a start but I wouldn't pay for more than a basic check. The 'background' check is useless. You can get address and phone listings for the basic price. If you are looking for criminal records or liens or any other info, it may or may not deliver. I don't find it very reliable and I use a database that is much less expensive and much more reliable. (It would take me about five minutes to find your real name, phone number and address, including a satellite photo of your house) lol

Intellius gave me my old address from five years ago. In my business, it would be a complete waste of money to spend even $20 and have to do a search to find such outdated info. (plus having to do leg work to find current info) Of course, sometimes it delivers. I just don't think it's worth the $50-75 for the more comprehensive background search, that's all I'm saying. If you want a comprehensive search, hire a PI and it can be done for maybe double what you'd pay online and you get much better info. PI's have access to better databases (and some can access DMV files)

Finding someone versus looking for background on them are two different things. I can find someone in a few minutes sometimes, putting together their life history takes a little longer.

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Google zabasearch and you can conceivably find addresses and numbers for FREE.

Of course, you may have to do some leg work to get current. But in my limited dating history zabasearch has been current.

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imamommy is the best free site I've used.

Here is a link that might be useful: zabasearch

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I agree, Imamommy.

I've searched myself on there and boy, was I surprised!!!!

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What I like about intellius is is does give the old addresses, which then allow someone to go back and check courthouse records there.

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yeah, it is good for that. (zaba search does the same for free) but hey, it's only money... right?

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I was putzing around with Zabasearch last night my oldest SD19 comes in wants to look up her mom (I had already punched her name in I was looking for me I do not exist!!!)

She then says "hey can I go after her for the back support she owes dad" ... I said I have no idea ... she was ordered to pay $25 a week ... 15 years ago.

I thought she might want to reconnect with mom for nostalgia purposes ... NOPE just wants some play money I guess :)

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But zabasearch uses intellius if you want anything other than someone's addresses. I ran a search on me, and I have never lived in several of the places they listed.

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I think the important thing is to do a search before anyone comes into your life. Trial and error. View things with a grain of salt.

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lol pseudo. The money is owed to dad. What is up with the kids thinking they can go after it after they are grown? My son asked me the same thing, I started getting back support after he turned 18 and he wants something now, he says... can't I just have the money my dad sends you? No, get a job. It's back support from when I worked two jobs to put food on the table and he paid nothing. It's not yours!!! KIDS!!!

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I became very concerned about a person that contacted me via internet dating. So I did a background search on him. He turned out to be ok. No bad records showed up on him via It turned out to be just a good, and a little better than other background searches that I use as a landlord to check out prospective tenants.

Here is a link that might be useful: background search civil criminal records

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