Glass storm/screen door gets blazing hot in summer

jaxoJuly 11, 2012

The door is glass top to bottom and faces west and gets so hot that the metal door handles are too hot to touch. Need gloves or pot holders to open the storm door even from the inside in the afternoon.

The main door behind the storm door never got very hot before the storm door was installed. I assume the glass is magnifying the sun's heat somehow. I may try opening the glass window in the storm door that slides down to expose a screen and see if that helps any.

Is there any fix for this? Heat-blocking film? I don't want a noticeably dark tint on the glass.

Some other solution? I'm getting concerned that the additional heat will damage the main door or at least damage the paint on the door.

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One more thing. I think the glass is already low-E, so can heat-blocking film be put on top of low-E glass? Doesn't seem like the low-E rating is effective enough for this location.

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Windows on Washington

Open the window.

The storm door is doing exactly what it is supposed to do (i.e. insulating the door and trapping the radiant heat from the sun), however, you do not want that effect in the summer.

This is why they give you a full screen with the storm doors that are fixed glass panels vs self-storing storm doors.

You need to vent that space before you cook the door out of the opening.

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Yes, ASAP if not sooner. Leaving the glass in all summer on your particular door is not an option.

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It will also void the warranty on the door if you leave the storm panels in during the summer.

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I tried opening the window panel in the storm door yesterday and today the door handle on the storm door was still too hot to open with bare hands in the afternoon.
I never had this problem with the house door, only the storm door's handles.
Is there anything that can fix this? I can keep a rag by the door, but this is ridiculous.

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"tried opening", does that mean you did not? And unfortunately metal in the direct sun will get hot no matter what you do.

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The darker color of the prime door wll increase the heat between it and the storm door. Changing the color to a lighter one would help. Gerkin has a head venilator for their storm door, maybe this could be installed on yours or come up with a custom design of your own.

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Wow, Glad to see this post. I have this very problem after replacing a non functioning storm door with an Andersen storm door. Its great, but creates a "hot pocket" between the main door and the storm. So hot that I can smell the paint when I open the door. I have opened the screen until winter comes in full force. Its a pain now, but come winter it should be great . Who knew making one improvement could lead to yet another problem..........

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