Earthwise Vinyl Windows

heathermjJuly 31, 2009


Does anyone have any information regarding Earthwise Vinyl Windows? I have read all the information I can find about them and visited showrooms to gather information. I was hoping to find people that have used the windows or have had any experience with these windows?


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I have sold and installed the Earthwise product line to many happy customers. I learned of the Earthwise early in 2008 and have found the quality high and service great.

Earthwise is a brand sold by window fabricators that have joined an alliance to combine efforts in purchasing, testing, engineering, etc. The really big windows companies you see sold in large home center stores have enormous volume and resources due to large corporate deals.
Earthwise windows are made at a more local level and sold and serviced by local companies in your area. By combining efforts with similar window companies they have some advantages in combined marketing and resources that other small shops usually don't have.

Learn more about your local window dealer, he/she is a small business that is trying to compete in a big marketplace. Earthwise gives your dealer the ability to offer very nice products yet local personal service you might not be able to experience with a national brand/chain.

Good Luck.

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Three Double Hung products
A Single Hung with 3 1/4" frame
Very nice casement triple weatherstripped
All of the above come with Good Housekeeping Seal

Two solid colors
Twelve exterior colors
Two interior woodgrains
Multitude of grid options include custom Decralite
Intercept standard, Ultra series uses Super Spacer
Foam Filled frames and sash optional (done correctly)
Foam wrapped frames available as requested
Shop built bays and bows, not pre-fab boxes
Integral nail fin for most units upon request
Certification in Energy Credit Program
Fine customer service at the local level
Nice people to deal with, honest and reliable

I obviously can only speak about our local distributor.
My service center is in Indianapolis near the airport.

I have worked in distribution, sales, and installation for
many years. I compare the features and quality of prducts then weigh them with service at the local level. I am not married to any product but find these guys a good choice.

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Thank you awsdan, for the helpful information!

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