broken PGT picture window need help

williemonJuly 22, 2014

I purchased PGT windows on advice received here during my new home construction. All were installed well by a local builder. Fast forward two years and I have broken the outer pane of our picture window with a rock. I contacted 3 local window folks and our builder here in my town. One would not show up due to not having other orders in this area, the others gave a price quote pretty close to one another on generic glass with a 5 year warranty. The builder told us to get with "the window guru" who gave us a quote on generic glass with 5 year warranty.

How can I get a replacement PGT IGU and get it installed? These windows I have should have about a 20 year warranty. Rocks not covered though. I have the 2100 series. Im in the south east. West central Georgia area.

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quick update, window guru was questioned on why only a 5 year warranty and if IGU was from PGT. They said PGT gets their IGUs from other suppliers. The same suppliers that guru orders from. Guru just takes PGT (as the supposed middle man) out of the equation and orders the replacement IGU direct from said suppliers. Savings are passed onto us. When we said that we wanted the 25 year warranty and not just a 5 year, guru said they (guru) would take care of any issues for the 5 year period, then after that, if any issue crops up, I could just contact PGT as they would never know that the window had ever been replaced so they would still honor the remaining warranty as if it were the first purchased PGT product. Does this sound right or do I smell a rat?

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Considering PGT manufactures their own IG's I would be curious who window guru gets their IG's from since it certainly isn't PGT.

The suggestion that window guru will take care of the first five years the IG warranty and PGT will honor the rest since they "...would never know that the window had ever been replaced..." would be an absolute red flag to me.

In my opinion, if a company suggests something that is out-and-out dishonest it's time to move on to somewhere else.

Have you called PGT directly about a replacement IG?

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That was my first thoughts as well Oberon. The so called "guru" is buying an insulated unit from a local glass shop and pawning it off as PGT. While there in absolutely nothing inherently wrong with replacing it this way (generally quicker and cheaper) to tell you it is a genuine PGT replacement is not right and would raise serious questions about his integrity in my opinion.

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Thanks for the advice. We are on the same page. I did in fact make contact with PGT first to find out how to handle this. They put me into contact with the only local distributor in my area. He said, if he had the order from when house was built. he could get the IGU but he could not install. As it was, I got with our builder and they had bid the windows out and there was another supplier local or at least one they had 30 day terms with that could get the pgt windows for a better price than the pgt recommended supplier so they had went with them. The builder has been in contact with those folks and a local window installer and has worked out a price for install of a pgt igu based upon the original sales item to include pgt brand bead glazing. It has been a real walk around the forest to get to this point, but it looks like it can be replaced properly with another pgt replacement.

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Good news, thanks for the followup.

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+1 to millworkman's earlier comments.

Also agree that is good news. Glad it worked out for you.

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Good to hear a successful conclusion.

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