Stone sealer for slate mosaic table

Kieran1973September 19, 2013

Hi all,
We've recently bought a mosaic table for our garden ( - a bit pricey, but a beautiful item, and barbecuing your dinner at the table is great fun) - the surface material is listed by the manufacturer as 'natural slate', set on a metal base plate with some sort of grainy cement. The manufacturer says that although the table is weatherproof, it should be brought indoors over the winter as it is not frost-resistant; we really don't have room indoors to do this, however, so I'm looking for a stone sealer for it, particularly to protect against frost. Can anybody recommend one? nanoShell Stone looks quite snazzy, but I can't find any reviews of it online; does anyone have any experience with it?


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That's a very beautiful table/firepit. Re sealing it for winter, it is my understanding of sealers that they are for sealing it from stains - not waterproofing or frost prevention. Can you take just the table top inside - maybe in your garage or some covered area?

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Indeed, most sealers don't seem to mention frost, which is why I was looking at nanoShell (, which claims to prevent frost damage. Although as you say, it is a lovely (and very expensive) table, so we thought we might as well get it protected against stains as well; the manufacturer says the slate is susceptible to stains. We really don't want to bring it indoors, so we thought a combination of sealer, agricultural fleece (which the manufacturer has tentatively said could help against frost damage by reducing condensation) and a rain cover would hopefully do the trick...

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