glass cabinet pulls

njhgSeptember 30, 2008

Not being a glass artist, and being unable to afford any of the beautiful fused glass tiles now on the market,I am wondering if I could make a cheat version using the beautiful tile samples which I have collected during the course of selecting the finishes forthe renovation of our 1932 Tudor. Does anyone know where I can find appropriate metal bases? I have searched artist supply catalogues to no avail; I only see findings for jewelry. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Njhg

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Am I understanding that you want metal drawer pulls that you can use to add fused glass to? I Googled metal drawer pulls, and there are several sites, but I'm not sure what you are looking for. Don't know a thing about fusing glass, but assume you're talking about fusing directly to your metal base. Can you bring your glass to melting temp, apply it to your base then put it in your cooling kiln??? Excuse the dumb questions, but don't understand what you're looking for. What key word did you Google to get jewelry findings?

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I have ordered so many tile samples for this renovation - each one is more beautiful than the next, all of them like jewels. It was so difficult to make my choices. I am now in the market for cabinet pulls and knobs. I love the fused and dichroic products available but, as they are works of art,they are out of my budget. It occurred to me that, with a little ingenuity, I should be able to create a reasonable facsimile. I found the fndings when searching"glass artist's suppplies, crafting, etc. When I saw the amount of items created for glass crafts, I thought there might be some hardware intended specifically for what I wanted to do, which is basically to glue my tile samples to a metal base in some way that won't end up looking like the mosaic ashtrays I used to make in daycamp! The only melting I could possibly forsee would be if I attached the glass to unfinished wood knobs with some sort of polymer clay. If there isn't any specialized base, I suppose I will just have to look for inexpensive pulls with a flat surface. I welcome any advice.

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my mom did a kitchen renovation, a number of years back.
she painted on tiles, did a mural all over the kitchen wall, under the cabinets, and on the side walls.
I never knew what a huge project that was, till I just recently found the pictures she had taken, during the steps to that kitchen.
she painted on regular ceramic 6" x 6" tiles...fired them, and mounted them to the wall...then grouted.
it was a mural of a cottage, with picket fence, rose bushes growing up along a wall and a pathway...

when it came time to do the drawer and cabinet pulls..she took portland clay and formed her own roses...painted them, fired them and made a screw hole for later assembly.

she drilled holes on both the drawers and cabinet doors and was able to attach all of them, by simply putting them together, the same as if you went to a hardware store and bought a ready made drawer pull.

I wasn't all that impressed at the time, but by this time in my age and saged experiences..I know how much time, attention, detail work and innovation she put into all of that work, and way beyond what was available in those days.
In fact, I've never seen anything like it, even in these days.
can you imagine rose stems, sprawling all over the kitchen cabinets...leaves, and other detail, all glued to the doors and not be able to tell what the adhesive even was?

Becky .(*_*).

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SEA: What a wonderful story. Do you have pictures. I w/sooooo love to see her work. That's where you got your talent. Whatcha doin' lately - any mosaicing???

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my main project right now, is to clear out a back bedroom, from all the things, boxes and all, from my daughter's stuff, from when they moved to Ireland.
it got piled in there and was looking as if there was going to be no end in sight.
since they have come home to roost in their own house, and rather beginning all over again,
she wanted extra bedding for their house, cuz it gets cold in there and with the new baby coming, I was all over that idea!

I filled the back seat of a pickup truck, with all of what I could put into the truck, for a first load..
now, I can see the walls again and there's so much more to take to her..
her husband works from about 2am, to getting home around 2pm, so he's really too tired to help with this, 'cept for weekends.
it's with an extended studio in mind, that makes this project easier. I have a determined goal.
the one bedroom is already set for the porcelain painting but my instructor/mentor has just finished chemo, so we haven't done much painting this past 4 months.
the second, back bedroom will be for the other messy type of work..yes,
with no kids in the house, I'm free to cut dishes, with no worry of the little ones walking on tiny, so my stash grows!

I'll try to scan a couple of pictures and somehow get them uploaded and hopefully posted here..that's a short term goal..

I got probably my most creative ideas, just having been around my mom..even though we didn't get along, I still absorbed more than I realized, from her.
I think it was probably a case of being more like her, than I was able to accept, cuz the older I get, the more I do things the same way and chuckle about it, remembering how I used to promise myself that there was no way in hell, that I would act, think or do like her.
now, I actually try really hard, to emulate her in her painting and creativity...I've gotten much coaxing and encouragement from Marilyn, my teacher...
she tells me it's natural for me..but it's hard for me to accept that kind of feed back..I always just wanted to stay in the background and be quiet.
with that type of painting, it can lead to many opportunities, that I'm not used to being around...
like to travel, to make a comfortable amount of money, to show others what I love to do..
it's late in my life but then again, many of the china painters started in their 60's 70's and 80's.

it's sure at the opposite end of the spectrum, as far as the supplies and application.
the porcelain is handled so carefully and there's delicate precision in the painting, between the firing.

and of course with the's a free for all, with abandon allowed to create from the inner soul..both do that but with the freedom to break, crash, drop, smash and work out's amazing to feel the difference, from nipping plates and the calmness and peace that goes along with it...on the other hand, the fear of dropping or chipping a porcelain dish is a bit

but I'm a Pisces, so the dual urge goes right along the counter culture of my
I love precision and detail every bit as much as I love random and abstract.
to understand that, is to know me well.

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Oh my, check out the eBay link below - I would love to have cabinet knobs with a dichroic cab glued on each one . . . sigh.

Here is a link that might be useful: e/bay dichroic cabs

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This is the 1st chance I have had to get at my laptop; the holidays have been a little hectic, as we ere having everyone to our house, the 1st time using our new kitchen after a 2 yr.whole house reno. Thanks so much for responding. I was better than who she wanted me to be.I find it rather ironic that when I finally exorcise her from my heart and my head, her hands appear at the end of my wrists! Oh well, c'est la vie.
Back to the glass pulls. I found only one knob actually made for a tile insert. But it's hardware, not rocket science, it just needs to open a cabinet. I think Im going to look for inexpensive, flat surface hardware and experiment.
This was my 1st timein this forum, so I don't know if everyone has seen these sites, but in case not:
These are only a fe, but on average the glass hardware runs $20-$25 ea. Late - time for bed thanks again

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Ok let me make sure I understand what you are trying to do. You've got some sample glass tiles you've collected and you want to turn them into cabinet hardware. I'm a glass fuser and I've had it in the back of my mind to do my own cabinet hardware some time down the road. Yes you can buy hardware specifically designed for this.(link below) Or you can go to your local hardware store and see if can find any knobs or handles with flat surfaces and just use those. I'd use a 2 part epoxy to glue the glass to the knobs.

And to Slow: no you can't fuse glass directly to a metal base, it would crack.

Here is a link that might be useful: cabinet hardware

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Thank you for that link, I'm playing with fusing too, and might just order a couple to try making some knobs.

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Dear gingin -
This is one of those times thatleaves me shaking my head with amazement as to just how stupid I can be!!!! I have actually visited the site you suggested; it came up during my original search. After reading the 1st section re: hanging glass, which was interesting but not pertenant to my needs. I eliminated the site without any further exploration.I can,t believe I did not see the info on what is the exact thing I've been seeking! I was probably confused by the misleading title "cabinet hardware"! :) ! I'm going to place an order immediately. Hopefully by the time I am finished with my project I will have figured out how to post pics online. I assume I will most likely have to learn how to use a digital camera in order to do this. I suppose that if any is interested,they probably shouldn't hold their breath!

Thanks for everyone's help,

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Great idea , hope to see what you make

Here is a link that might be useful: found another site too

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