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lniaJuly 9, 2012


Carpenters are almost done installing integrity windows. They have come across 2 issues. 1 window the glass is not flush with the casing. This window is non-operable but it is almost like it was meant to be a casement. 2nd window does not open very easily. WIndow company will send people to repair. I paid a lot of $ for these windows. Shouldn't I insist they be replaced?

Is it possible I was sent "damaged" or "refurbished" windows by Integrity?

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Marvin has very good quality control in my experience. It is possible (if not likely) that if there is actual damage, it occurred during shipment or handling thereafter.

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Windows on Washington


I agree.

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The windows were packed nicely so I would be surprised it was from shipping. Does anyone know what marvins policy is on damaged windows? Can I insist they be replaced. I feel like I just bought a new Cadillac that already needs repairs...

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I would speak to the dealer you purchased them from, they will likely need to get their rep out to the site but that would be the start from my perspective. Marvin definitely stands behind their products and to me it sounds like it may just need some adjusting but it is impossible to tell from here without any pictures.

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lnia, after re-reading your original post, I'd would definitely have them take a look at the window that is difficult to operate. If installed correctly, it is possible that it merely needs adjustment unless you see obvious signs of physical damage.
On the picture window, if I understand you properly, that is how it is supposed to be. There is a sash inside of a frame, also known as a fixed casement. The glass should not be "flush" with the interior wall/casing.

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Thanks.. The glass of the picture window is definitely loose from the sash. With the second window, when you crank the window open there is about 5 inches of space on the top off to the side and a lot less on the bottom off to the side. Window is off.

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Definitely get those issues checked out.

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Sounds like one of those new trapezoid casements....

Just kidding. Have the rep check them out.

There are a few nice stories on here about Marvin standing by their products.

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If you have a casement sash that is not even with the frame around it, then what you have is an installer that doesn't know what he's doing. That is a very very common issue and is addressed when any casement window is installed. The sash and frame must be square to each other.

It is possible that the casement frame was made a different width on top than on bottom. But that would be so rare that I doubt that it's the issue.

If you have one casement window and one picture window, then most likely the picture window is a casement picture, meant to match the look of a casement. If you don't like that, that's something you take up with the guy that ordered your windows. However, IMO, this is the appropriate way to order them.

If the glass is actually loose in the sash frame, then yes, that's an issue and absolutely should be fixed.

By the way, in my experience, a new car always has some issues in the beginning. That is not the case with windows. If they are put in right, and you don't touch them for 24 hours, they should never have a problem. A competent installer should be able to service any issue in the product that presents itself during installing.

Marvin is about the best window out there, with an outstanding reputation and a high ethic. I'm sure you'll be fine, so don't lay awake at night :)

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INtegrity is a product built-to-order, on a short timeline. Human error in mfg. or inspection is always possible. You paid good $ for a Marvin product that should be serviceable by you and/or the dealer where they were purchased. Don't panic and follow the situation thru and you should be OK. Marvin is a good company, most of the time.

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Windows on Washington

There are a couple of previous threads on here where folks had issues with Marvin windows and all the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive that they stepped up and did the right thing.

I suspect they will maintain that level of customer satisfaction here as well.

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Issues with windows were as follows:

wrong hinge on the one window (non egress hinge on hinge window)
4 screws missing on the one picture window
trim not secure on 3rd window

all issues resolved but I do question how these mistakes could have been made at the factory.At least they were not serious....

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