Sliding Backsplash?

numbersjunkieMarch 31, 2010

I have read about these in some high end kitchens, and would like to put one in my kitchen. I plan to tile the backsplash, so I was thinking of mounting the tile on plywood with metal edging strips and hanging it from the underside of the cabinet with some type of sliding door hardware. I do not want a track on the counter, so I'm hoping it will work OK without one.

Does anyone have any experience with anything like this? What type of hardware to use that would be fairly low profile?

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Actually sounds like a hair-brained idea.

The back-splash is the area of the wall under the cabinets and above the counter.

Why are you planning on making a moving panel that fails to cover the entire area?

What is the rest of the back-splash besides the small piece that moves?

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To me, this sounds quite original, depending on what you hope to achieve, but whether it's original in a good way depends on what part of the kitchen we're talking about, and what will be behind the backsplash. If it is behind the stove or the sink, I imagine that the fundamental purpose of the backsplash - dealing with backsplashes of grease or other spills, or water - may not be satisfactorily achieved. For that reason I kind of think I would put a track on the bottom. Even with that, if you spill a container of yogurt or something like that, you may have an uncleanable mess if that can run down behind your lower cabinets.

It will also add weight to your upper cabinets.

Finally, how to incorporate electrical service to the backspash?

And to answer your question, hardware specialists like Lee Valley might be a place to look, but don't write off your local big box - they have a lot of stuff! If you are really concerned about the look of a bottom track, you might even be able to get tracks fabricated in a metal you like, make them of wood, or build them up of strips of tile.


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I found a hinge that I think will work for what I want to do. It is a lateral hinge, that will allow the movable section to open to the side and when closed the movable panel will be flush with the side panels. Outlets can be located on the fixed side sections, and this way the movable door does not have to hang from the upper cabinets.

A bit more background on why I am interested in doing this- This will be the backsplash for my snack/beverage zone. There is no cooktop there, so the backsplash will be decorative - probably mosaic tile. The movable section will hide a recessed compartment (like an appliance garage) where I can store my coffeemaker, toaster, etc. I have a cavity behind this section of cabinets so I am trying to utilize that space. Also, the counter depth there will only be 21" instead of the std 24" because that is all the depth I have at one end of the counter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sugatsune Lateral Hinge

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Wow, that's an amazing hinge. Seems to fit your needs to a T. Sounds like you've thought the whole thing out pretty well.


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did you make the sliding backsplash? I want one too! Would love to hear how yours turned out.

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