3 Pieces Grouted FINALLY!!!!!!

cathyscacheSeptember 29, 2009

Took me long enough but the Vase, Welcome sign and Merry Christmas signs are grouted!!!! I'm awful when it comes to grouting. I hate to grout so I keep putting it off. Love everything else. Finally talked myself into it. They all need a little more rubbing and then sealed. I've already started other projects will take pics and post tomorrow. Later, Cathy

Here is a link that might be useful: Ready to seal

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Cathy, these turned out great. You need to change your name to Whiz. Man you whiz thru these projects in a flash. Has you friend seen the sign you made for her? Sure she'll like it.


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Not even a bumped up neck can keep you from locomotive speed, girlie. Way to go. Tease us, huh? What's next?

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Beautiful! I'm a bit stalled out at the present, but these certainly are inspirational!

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Hey thanks all!!! Kat no the lady who gave me the tiles has not seen it yet. Not knowing her very well it was hard to make it. But she told me Tuscan was her style but I got the impression it was more Tuscan Elegant..So that's what I was going for. She'll either like it or NOT!!!! But I wanted to do something to THANK HER for all the wonderful tiles she gave me. And I am hoping she will be a source for more......I'm still organizing my stash..I have been working on this for over a week and getting pretty tired of doing it. I'm real close to being done!!! Thank goodness!!!!! It's cutting in to my FUN time!!! But is sure making things easier for me. I'll post a thread and show what I've been up to w/my tess stash.....Later all and thanks Cathy

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