New construction, wrong windows in great room

dorry2July 8, 2012

We are building a second home and have a great builder, longetivity, excellent reputation, etc., however,we noticed that the wrong windows were installed in our house. We are supp to have four double hung windows in the living room and they installed two of the right windows and two windows with transoms! The sills are different depths as well - 4" and 6." Iam disappointed the project manager did not catch this obvious mistake.

Of course, they will replace with the right windows, but I guess I am concerned that this will be a "botched up" job since they are going to have to remove the drywall, Hardi Plank siding, trim, insulation, etc. We are settling in a few weeks and they are rushing to get everything finished. I guess that is the big concern-they will rush through this just to get t he right windows in. Am I worrying needlessly Window SPecialists??? Anything I should be aware of? Unfortunately, we live quite a distance from this house, so checking on it is not an option.

Is this something I should concern myself with? I just visualize moving in and down the road, having issues as a result of a "quick,let's get it done" job. Having built three homes sinc we have been married, I am well that stuff happens, mix-ups occur, but just trying to be proactive now rather than reactive later.

Help....put this in perspective for me. Thank you! :)

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Wouldn't it just be easier to order 2 more transoms and make all the double hungs with transoms?

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Just notice they are all the same height. Still seems like it would be better to order 2 more double hungs with transoms instead of patching in the drywall and the siding. Plus I think it would look better to have all transoms in a great room IMO

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This elevation/facade was an upgrade, the standard elevation is one large arched window in the front, two transom windows on the side. We opted for the upgraded elevation. I have transoms in my year-round residence and for various reasons, not crazy about them - one being a decorating challenge. I am planning to install Plantation Shutters in the living room so the transoms would be hidden and if I don't cover the transom with the shutters, then I have then sunlight issue. Other reasons, but suffice to say, I do not want the transoms.

So what do you think - a simple fix to replace with no surprises down the road???

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Shouldn't be a problem as long as they replace enough panels of siding so it blends in well without many seams on the exterior and do a decent patch-up on the drywall. Make sure they install enough insulation in the walls and you are good to go. I wouldn't worry too much. You wouldn't believe some of the mistakes made with new construction that the homeowner never knows about if the repair is done correctly.

You said the builder has a great reputation, so don't worry. Enjoy your new home.

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Thanks for your encouraging words, EcoStar! The correct window is similar in size. The builder called my husband and apologized profusely (yes, he should have caught something this obvious)and I would be lying if I said I am not nervous about this being repaired properly, knowing how these workers rush to get the houses finished by settlement. I am not there to check, so I have to trust it will be done properly.

Yes, you are right about mistakes that the homeowner never knows about - because the repairs are done right and there is no evidence of a repair. Sometimes, issues don't manifest themselves until way down the road.

Should we indicate our concerns about the Hardi-Plank and not wanting many seams on the exterior? I certainly don't want small pieces of the plank and a choppy look!

Thanks for your input. Husband is not concerned, but he is not the one who will have to be here and drive 4+ hours to meet these guys down the road if repairs need to be done! It will be me and I am trying to avoid that!!

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I would definitely voice your concern about the siding and the fact that you want the repair done properly with as few seams as possible as Eco mentioned. Of course the best way is to put it in writing either email, or text would suffice and make certain to keep both the question and the reply (read receipt on email) to be certain it is done to your satisfaction.

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Thanks, Mill and Ecco! Since the windows are close in size, the window being replaced is 30-3/4" wide x 73" hgt and will be replaced with a 34-3/4 x 72-3/4" long window, do you think much siding will have to be removed? So what you are saying is to be sure they do not replace any siding with a small piece, but to replace with a long piece so it will not be choppy looking? Sorry, so new at this. BTW, the siding/shingles are Hardi-Plank, if that helps.

Thank you both so much. My dear husband won't discuss this with me and says it will all be fine! Thinks I am too concerned about it!!!!

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Hell that should be no issues at all. The new one is larger so if anything he will cut down the siding ans the height difference he will probably just make up with a piece of 1/4" plywood.

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Framing is not my forte, but I'm not sure how they are going to get a 34" window into an opening that was framed for a 30" window without changing the header, etc... You need to make sure that they don't just rip out the shoulder studs and pop the window in. If you want peace of mind here, I would make sure that the building inspector is aware that this is being done, and he'll make sure that they do it properly.
As MWM said, the siding part wont be an issue. They'll just pop the existing pieces off, cut them back and re-install.

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If is basically framed interior changing the header should not be the complicated.

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Not sure I understand. One other note -our windows were installed in our neighbor's house and they have ours so I am sure they are going to remove hers and use them in our house. Is this something I should be concerned about - exchanging windows???

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"If is basically framed interior changing the header should not be the complicated."

In the rough framing stage, I'd agree. However, now that siding and drywall have been installed, you have 3 different work crews that are having their work torn into. For a remodeling company that does all of this "in-house" it is not a big deal, but it may be a "cluster" of sorts for the gc to get it fixed and make sure that nobody cuts corners...
Dorry, the easy "fix" to this problem and what a hack would do, would be to remove the shoulder studs, which are essentially what the header rests on and bears the load from above. The header needs to be longer, and the king and shoulder studs need to be moved out to do this properly.
As I said before, I'd make sure that the building inspector is aware of the repairs so that the integrity of this opening is not left compromised.
I would not worry too much about the windows being swapped.

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Thanks! I know this resort community is under construction and will be for the next several years. My husband is confident they will have the right people to perform the job and remedy the problem. I will keep you updated. We have a walk thru this summer and will inspect it thoroughly, including watering it well with a hose!!

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If your Hardi siding is getting cut, you'd better make sure that the newly cut edges are all primed/painted and that the right type of paint is used. harei's website has discussion on this.

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