ceramic AND glass kiln?

anniefranSeptember 9, 2009

I'm a newcomer to glass work, and a ceramics novice...I've only taken classes where someone else does the firing.

Now I want to get my own firing capabilities and I'm wondering if there is such a thing as a dual-purpose kiln--one that can fire ceramics and also fuse glass. I'm assuming the difference between glass and ceramics is that you need more heat for glass.

Any advice? BRands? sources? costs?

thanks in advance!


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The Paragon Janus Ovation can fire both pottery and glass. I want one!

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Oh yes I want one too but at $4000 I guess most of us will be wanting a long time

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When I was doing ceramics I had a paragon hobby kiln.
220Volt, and it did glass and ceramics.
Check out thier website, then watch Craigs list and others like that.
You can usually get one at a reasonable price.
When I sold mine it was 10yrs old, pristeen condition and I sold it for $300.00.

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OH DON"T get me going on the kiln coveting now.....!!!!

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I have an EZ-PRO that I got at Delphi Glass (delphiglass.com) and I can do both glass adn ceramics in it. It is smaller, so it only cost a little over $600 when I bought it a couple of years ago. I love it.

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I have 2 kilns both Paragon. One small 110v and one LARGE
Paragon that will hold the kitchen sink. LOL I fire ceramics and glass in both. I got mine at a college art dept auction. Craigslist has them all the time. Go to Paragon.com and look. They also have a scratch and dent section at their plant in Dallas. You can get some really good deals there. Call them for info.

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