Master Bedroom lost power -- bad breaker?

turbo3February 4, 2011

Around 3pm on Wednesday my master bedroom and bath lost electricity. According to my wife, she wasn't doing anything at the time (electricity-wise). I checked the panel and everything was on. I re-flipped all the circuits but still no power. Could it be a bad breaker? We were experiencing frigid temperatures at the time (high of 0F), but no frozen pipes. The house is 37 years old. Any advice is appreciated.

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GFCI? Look for a receptacle with push button resets in the center.

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Probably a bad connection in a receptacle. Most likely a bad backstab connection.

This type of problem is in the last working receptacle on the circuit or the first non-working one.

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Yep, thanks. It was the gfci in the other bathroom that tripped it.

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