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lzerarcJuly 14, 2011

I am a fiberglass person, but am warming up to the vinyl side after more research. It is quite clear that typical mainstream fiberglass (pella, marvin, milgard) can not touch the ratings some of the vinyl guys have. I am designing a super efficient house (r-38+ walls, r-60 ceilings) with solar gain options. I am willing to give up my aesthetics issues with vinyl in lieu the thermal advantages. After some research and review reading, Soft-lite might seem like a good vinyl to pursue.

I want to use casements, and going with high SHGC on my south glazing. Unfortunately I have great views to the north I want to maintain, so I am considering triple pane on that side, or possibly some of their upgraded dual pane options.

I am looking at the Imperials, Pros, and Elements. I am not finding many differences between the series on the surface without digging too deep. Can anyone elaborate on these for me? Also does anyone know their pricing structure and how upgrades (such as triple pane or their additional insulating bar) affect pricing?

For example I know a 2'6 x4' casement (impervia or integrity) unit will run me around $350.

any input would be great.

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You can still get fiberglass and get the efficiency that you are looking for.

You can get a fiberglass window with an R-10 glass pack for that matter. They won't cost $350 per opening but rolled into a construction loan it is money well spent if you think of it in terms of a 30 year payback.

Inline makes a very nice window and has a ton of different glass options and some of the most well build and airtight fiberglass window available.

Where is the new home being built?

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yes, I have researched and gotten quotes from both Inline and Fibertec. They are nice options, but were quite a bit more. So I was looking at the vinyl options.
I have ran the numbers in my software several times and several different ways. There is a clear payback area and cost savings depending on their specs. The standard dual pane inlines vs the integrity for example, using their published tested values, put me around an 18 year payback, the triple panes was 30+ (cant remember exact years). I did these calcs last winter when I was first researching my fiberglass options.
The house will be in north east Iowa.

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