The garden stool is done!

loribee2September 26, 2010

It started out as this:

A little concrete and tile later and I've got a really inexpensive garden table/stool:

The top was supposed to have been a sunflower, but I wasn't able to find yellow ceramic tiles in quantities smaller than a case. So halfway through, I modified my design to just go with what I had:

LOTS of things I'll do differently with the next one, mostly having to do with the cement and how heavy this is (we won't be moving this puppy anytime soon). And after having to abandon my design for lack of supplies, I'm definitely going to make my next mosaic out of 3/4" mosaic tiles that I can get on line in all the colors I want. I tried going with the larger format, but it's just too hard to find pretty colors in small quantities. Also, the ridges on the back of the ceramic tile make it a pain to keep the tiles level once they've been cut. And forget cutting porcelain without a wet saw!

But this was definitely a fun project, and a bargain table to end up with at about $30 for all the materials.

My best new discovery is the Lastiseal water based color concrete sealer I used on the base. I was really pleased with how it came out looking like an acid stain without all the harsh chemicals. And it comes in a zillion beautiful colors.

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Well you l'il heifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the coolest thing I ever saw, and now I WANT ONE. I can imagine how heavy it is. I've started the process of cleaning my garage, and found two half bags of old concrete from years ago - hardened, and I can barely lift them. Don't know how to get rid of them, so I suppose they'll become mosaiced garden stones. I love your table, and you did a fabulous job. What a way to use unusual materials for a beautiful and functional piece of art.

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Thanks, Slow! Yes, the base is heavy even though I tried to stick styrofoam chunks in the middle to take up space (mistake! The stuff just floated to the top, bringing my ring of chicken wire with it and making a big mess, and in the end, it didn't do much anyway). On the next one, I'm going to duct tape a 4" PVC pipe down the center of the bucket so it will be a 3" thick hollow ring instead. Plus, I'll replace the aggregate with pearlite. Between the two, I should end up with a table that is sturdy but can be lifted and moved around.

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That is so cool!!!! I love it !!!! Such a great job.

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Very nice. I love it!

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What a fun idea! LOL on the heaviness of it! I love how you used rounded white tiles around the edge. It really makes the edge look finished and professional.

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Thanks! It was really a lot of fun. I'm already plotting the next one!

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Very tiles on the edges are curved!!!! I kept looking at that and thought maybe my eyes was doing tricks on was glad to read the post from jenel! Guess I've not seen curved tiles before.gotta start shopping more. It is sooo pretty and I agree perilite and a big PVC center should definately make it more managable. Thanks for the pics

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Well, these are glazed ceramic tiles--the kind you would use in bathrooms and counter tops, so there were a number of choices for tiles that wrap the edge. I'm told you don't want to use them outside if you get hard freezes, but here in CA I'm taking my chances our weather is mild enough. I figure the worst that could happen is the thing cracks apart and--darn it!--I'd just have to make a new one! ;-D

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That is really pretty. I love the edge of curved tile.

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cool stool !

i'm really lazy these days... should start on a new piece!

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Lori- the tube u used from Lowes come in different sizes, get yourself teo one 2" larger than the first, then pour the crete in the gap between them and it will be hollow and manageable.

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Very cute and it looks fun to make..
I'll have to add that to my list. :)

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