Integrity Wood Ultrex or Full Ultrex

Steven1234July 29, 2012

We are building a new home and have been looking at the Integrity wood ultrex windows with 7/8" sdl. Given that the finished interior and exterior colors will both be white, we are wondering if we should consider the Integrity all ultrex product to try and save some money. If we consider all fiberglass, we are then wondering if we should consider the Pella Impervia product. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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Stick with the Integrity either way, much better unit then any Pella window in my opinion. Also I really think the Wood/Ultrex is a much nicer looking unit.

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Check the stock sizes available for the Wood/Ultrex vs All Ultrex lines. I understand they make custom sizes now, in both lines, but you may be able to save some $$$ by using the stock sizes. We used Wood/Ultrex with white painted interiors for our renovation, but would have used the All Ultrex had the sizes worked better for us.

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Yes the standard sizes for Wood Ultrex are traditional window sizes while the All Ultrex units were originally sized as similar to the Vinyl window standard sizing as that was the market they were trying to go after (not all about price point but without making the builders change sizes for a much better product). That being said I am not certain about the pricing for the custom sized units as I am not currently in the loop on that info but all Integrity units whether custom or standard sizing are made to order just like the balance of the Marvin products.

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An aside in this. I have a current quote for some Marvin replacement windows. The quote is for Integrity and Infinity; same sizes for each (suspect stock sizes, actually).

Anyway, I'm baffled given the minor construction differences, why the Infinity is 2x - 3x the price of the Integrity for windows, and 2.5x the price for doors. The salesman expressed a bit of a surprise as well when he was summarizing the costs.

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The pricing spread should not anywhere approach that delta.

The Infinity is normally a bit more expensive and is a better finish looking product if you are considering the Ultrex/Ultrex combination. That being said, it is not worth 2X by any stretch.

Is this for a new construction application or replacement? Have you looked at other windows and what is your rationale for the fiberglass? Just asking from a research standpoint.

Take a look at the Integrity wood/Ultrex combination as that is a good looking window.

By the way, there are no real stock sizes. The Integrity used to be run on a stock size program if I am not mistaken but they have moved away from that.

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