Must bath lights be on dedicated bath circuits?

michgeoFebruary 12, 2013

My ranch has two baths that are undergoing renovation.

New wiring so far includes:
. 20-amp circuit for outlet in bath 1.
. 20-amp circuit for heat/vent/light in bath 1.
. 20-amp circuit for outlet in bath 2.

Remaining are:
. Shower light in bath 1.
. Vanity light in bath 1.
. Vent/fan in bath 2.
. Vanity light in bath 2.

Must the remaining lights be on a circuit that serves only the baths? Or can they be on a circuit that includes overhead lights in adjacent rooms?

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Ron Natalie

No. The requirement is that the RECEPTACLES in the bath be served by a 20A circuit. That circuit can either:

1. Serve only bathroom receptacles (possibly in multiple bathrooms) and nothing else


2. Serve only outlets (lights, receptacles, fans) in that particular bathroom.

Unless you're feeding the bathroom receptacles, the lighting and other outlets in the bathroom can be on circuits shared with other rooms.

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