Maple vs Birch

spqqkMarch 9, 2009

I would like some feedback regarding birch and maple woods.

We are discussing what wood to use for our kitchen and I would like to know the difference in price, quality and other considerations we should focus our attention.

1) We hope this is our last remodel and we plan on living in the house another 20 years.

2) The kitchen will be a focal point in the house and we feel the cabinets will be part of the "art work".

3) Our thoughts are to have dark cabinets (redish/brown -- in the Cherry/Mahogany family colors)

4) We like cabinets that incorporate molding and rounded corners.

5) Less grain vs more grain

6) cabinets will be seen from the front door and multiple rooms.

Your comments, considerations and thoughts are appreciated.

Best regards.

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You won't be able to tell the difference once they are stained.

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My first thought was that if you want mahogany color---use mahogany. The color will be much better. Maple is difficult to stain/dye evenly. It is also difficult to get maple as dark as most mahogany.

Birch is very bland, very little grain differences. I do not know how well it takes stain/dye, however.

Pricing will vary with area and type of wood----there are basically two different types of maple(hard and soft). Soft is less expensive, but more difficult to work. Hard comes in several grades, #2 grade has some color differences---dark wood in the light. #3 has more dark.

Much of the cabinets will probably be made using plywood with the wood of choice veneer. Veneered ply often takes stains/dyes differently than solid wood of the same species.

My advice is to find a cabinet maker you like and have that company show you what they can do to achieve your choices. That will give you the opportunity to make specific decisions.

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Birch stained with "dark red mahogany" aniline dye is a perfect substitute for mahogany. But real mahogany isn't going to be a preemptive premium in cost from birch.

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