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CEFreemanMarch 29, 2012


Here I am.

I've somewhat overcome my angst over my routers.

I've now actually done some practicing on scraps, with different bits. Shockingly successful.

I have not given up making some beaded face frames.

I'm looking at Rockler for 1/4" bead-creating bits.

I am not sure of the measurement to buy.

I wanted to know if I'm correct looking a this: 37561.

Are these the right thing? I'm again just afraid of buying the wrong thing.

Thanks for your help!

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The bit creates an edge bead.

Point cutting beading bits do not work as well for cutting (the thin point is easily damaged, even in a carbide bit) but can cut grooves away from the edges.
Two passes per bead.

You can find models with very narrow points, but they get more and more likely to break during use.

I just purchase more than one and get to work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Point cutting beading bits

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I have a router table and several routers.

To make beads, I use my table saw and the set listed below.

The cutter is the one at the lower right.

By positioning the fence, single bead, double or triple bead can be milled.

Here is a link that might be useful: Making beaded trim

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Thanks all. That is helpful!

Oh - I'm in the DC area. I'm looking for someone/place to teach me the finer points of this routing thing. :) I'm feeling better and better about using the simpler bits, but I'd like to have some pointers on the more complicated ones.

I own dovetail bits, mortise and tenon bits, and a bunch of other things I'd like to learn to use. I also have the set up for a bench, without the bench part. I'd like to know how to do that.

I've been haunting the local Woodworker's Club, but they have nothing planned for routers. (Is the world that enamored with turned bowls and pens?)

I don't know anyone to ask to teach me, so I'm hoping you folks might have a suggestion.

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Get a book or two by Pat Warner(Routerman).

Or, join

There are a lot of very helpful folks there who enjoy sharing knowledge. Over there I am K. L, McReynolds.

And, yes, Pat is a member there and frequently answers questions and offers advice. Just be aware there is no 'Best' router or 'Best' anything connected to tools.

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CEFReeman, usually a 3/8" bead bit is used for beaded faceframes. You can of course use any size you prefer, but the consensus is that 1/4" is a bit small, and 1/2" is too large to comfortably mount hinges to (unless the faceframe is 1" thick) so 3/8" was settled upon.

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"I'm in the DC area."

Woodcraft has a store and shop with classes in Springfield, VA

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You know I always forget about Springfield? I look at Rockville. Virginia is such a foreign country to me.

I'm off to check their schedule!

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"Virginia is such a foreign country to me. "

Just try not to get lost on all the one way streets in Springfield.

It is not a nice grid like Washington that lets you just go a few blocks and then turn.

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