Dining room chandelier height?

ardensparkAugust 28, 2014

I don't have a dining room table yet but have to hang my chandelier. How high from the floor should it be? We have high ceilings (10-12ft high).

Thanks for any guidance!

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The electrician who hung mine, hung it 60" from the floor. The standard table is 30" tall and you want your chandelier about 30" from the top of the table.

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Thanks bbstx!

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chandy size and height guide

Here is a link that might be useful: Chandy size and height guide

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That is all good info, but, if you are tall you may want to hang it a bit higher. Even if your not that tall you still may find it more comfortable to have it hanging above your head not looking right at it. 60 inches = 5 feet = eye level for most average women and our guys are even taller I ended up raising mine to about 36 inches above the table and I think it is perfect.

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A professional installer told us 66" - equaled the top of his head, no measuring tape required.

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we have 10' ceilings in our new house and I will be having the electrician hang it ~ 36" above the table I think... the light is about 30" tall and ~ 32" wide and I think for everything to look balanced, it will need to be about that height...

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