Will someone tell me....

lindacMarch 22, 2008

I believe I know what I am saying, but...

My daughter and her husband are looking to re finish their oak kitchen cupboards in preparation to selling the house.

They have sanded off all the very thin coat of builder's tinted laquer and are considering slapping on a coat of that stain and polyurethane stuff.

I told her that if things are such that they can't sell as soon as they hope, that it will be worth their time to stain with a wiping stain and then put on a coat or polyurethane.

My thoughts are that if they could do 3 coats of the poly stain, that would be fine....but they are looking to do it quickly to sell.

What say you?

Linda C

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Any one step finish is a compromise---craftsmen and craftswomen have been finishing wood products for hundreds of years and have yet to discover a decent one step process.

Stains color wood while finishes protect. A one strp product cannot do a good job of either.

They will be much further ahead by simply applying a finish---and I recommend varnish instead of poly. Varnish is faster, easier, and can be repaired(spots/runs/etc.) when poly products cannot.

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The only thing expert finishers hate to hear more than, "Slap on some poly," is "Slap on some Polyshades."


First mistake was probably starting with sanding.

Ugly cabinets can not only be costly to repair or replace, but can be a big turn off to a potential buyer.

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A challenge here...
For selling reasons, why do it at all??!?!?!

You're potentially making more work for a buyer if they don't like it!
Since you've already sanded, a good brushing-Lacquer is the fastest way. Each coat lightly dissolves into the previous coat. Not as durable as Poly, but faster between coats.


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Because the Realator recommended they spruce up the finish!..And they asked someone else what they did....
Anyhow it's done. Not the way I would have done it, but they they didn't wait for my recommendations!
Linda C

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In this market, fast sale is not likely.

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