Cracked inside pane

windowbrokeJuly 5, 2010

Anyone have technical info. as to why this happened? The window manufacturer denies it's a fault of the window, but I'm not convinced...

The inside pane (meaning facing inside the house) of a double-pane window cracked after having a light piece of cardboard covered with black plastic stood up against it for privacy while the blinds were being cleaned.

There was no pressure physically put on the window pane or frame - it was a very light piece of cardboard - however the window manufacturer insists on me paying for the replacement of the window.

I believe the window cracked because of some kind of wierd uneven heating that occurred whilst the garbage-bag wrapped cardboard was against the window it came to within a couple inches of the top of the windoe - the sun hits it from about 3pm on.

Any light you can shed on this wierd phenomenon would be appreciated...I really can't afford to pay to get this window replaced.


Broken window gal

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Glass isn't going to crack due to a light piece of cardboard lying against it.

My theory is that solar storms, which have been very active lately, caused an increase in the hyper and hiper-frequency range of radiation. This cause huge spikes in not only the delta but also the alpha frequencies. Glass is normally very stable under normal cosmic bombardment. However on this day, the huge spiking caused the radiation to pass through the glass and instead of reflecting back into a less dense atmosphreric vortex, the cardboard cause a build up and the glass molecules became unstable causing the glass to break.. This is obviously a case of a glass manufacture ignoring peer reviewed technology, readily available for the asking and IMO shows almost a complete contempt for consumer safety. What would have happened if a child had been close and the cardboard not muted the effects? We would be talking about more than just a mere glass fracture. This demonstrates a very high level of disregard for common public safety and as such a lawsuit should be certain. Let us know how it works out.

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It is probably a stress crack. This happens from movement in the sash or an imperfection on the edge of the glass. They should cover this. It is not like a baseball went through it. Another trick is to tell them you have seal failure. Technically the seal is broken and many manufactures ask less questions with this claim.

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