Harvey vs Alside Windows

jeffp4July 29, 2011

Hello - I am looking to replace 8 windows in my house and i have had a couple people come out and gave me quotes on 3 windows, 1)Harvey Classic, 2) Harvey Slimline, 3) Alside Excalibur.

I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with any of these windows. I was told that the SLimline and Alside as almost identical, except that Alside is less money. They also both offer 10% more glass than the Harvey Classic.

I am replacing original windows, so in my opinion anything is better than what i have, but any information would be greatly appreciated!

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you may want to look at some other brands. Harvey Slimline is a budget window and the Harvey Classic is average at best. Alside is cheap for a reason; cheaply made and poorly designed. why spend "less money" on alside and then spend alot more in a few years to replace your poor designed Alside excalibur windows. just my opinion.
some brands that are known to be high quality are Okna, Gorell, Polaris, Sunrise, and soft lite.

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