Lead paint question...

cassellartJuly 8, 2010

I recently got a quote for replacement windows which included the cost of following the new EPA lead paint law to the tune of $150 per window! Can this be right?

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Sounds about right.

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If done right...that is not unheard of.

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150 per window on top of the regular cost. Let's say a quality double pane vinyl window is 550, you would add 150 per window .

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Correct. That would make the total $700 per window installed. There are many companies that charge quite a bit more than $150 per window extra and some who charge less but $150 isn't out of line or unusual. Perhaps understanding wht's involved to meet EPA standards would help. Did the contractor explain the details to you on how they must set up an interior and exterior containment envelope for window removal and the clean-up involved?

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Thanks Skydawggy and others! I've read the new law as well as discussed with the contractor. I understand the new laws substantially add to the effort. I just needed to confirm the expense. I ("I" meaning MY WIFE) feel much more comfortable moving forward with the project now. Thanks again...

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I really feel for your contractor. EPA dumped the responsibility of informing the homeowner on us. They made promises that they were launching a $600,000,000 advertising campaing to inform the public but as usual the money disappeared down the usual government rathole. One of the sad aspects of all of this is that there are actually very few cases on children showing elevated lead levels in their blood and what few there are have been declining steadily over the past decade.

In addition, the timing couldn't have been worse. First we got the stimulus rebate that was targeted towards improving the energy efficiency of older homes and stimulating the construction industry. Then they turn around and take it from the homeowner who's older house needs improving the most in the way of the lead containment law. OK rant over....

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