Marvin Experts? SDL Grilles issue! Need Help Fast!

kompyJuly 6, 2010

Our Marvin wood, casement windows were installed today. But for some reason, whether salesman order error or factory error, the SDL grilles did not come attached to the windows. They installed the windows anyway and in 3 weeks, the factory rep will come to my house and apply them on the job site. Is this OK? He said we could also get new sashes made. Is this a big deal? Will I get the same product in the end? Will it be done as well as the factory could do it? Help..need to decide soon!



Ps Link below that shows what SDL is....just scroll down until you see Simulated Divided Light (SDL).

Here is a link that might be useful: Simulated Divided LIght

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I don't see any problem with doing that.

Beautiful windows. Congrats.

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Thanks sky. However, there was as a typo above. I forgot we decided at last minute to go with Sun Windows. There's supposed to be a 'shadow bar' sealed in between the glass panes. I don't see how this can be done on the jobsite.

What do you think?

Link below to Sun website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sun Grille Options

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I have been in the window and door business for 20 plus years and as far as I know there is no way to apply grilles between the glass in the field

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afsa...the grilles are on the exterior (SDL). There is a shadow bar that makes the mullion look solid thats in between the two panes. You're way it can be done now. The website shows it and I believe his sample showed it that way. I'm coming to the conclusion that the sashes should be replaced. Ugh! I feel bad for him but he should have checked his order acknowledgments. If the factory goofed, then he's only out the extra labor required.

What do you guys think should be done at this point?

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get what you ordered and what you paid for

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UPDATE: It was the error of the manufacturer. Also, it turns out that having the shadow bar in between the panes voids the tax energy credit on the windows. They weren't ordered that way to begin with. So, we are agreeing to the fix. I'll post pics in early august when they're all done.

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