Expansion ? re plywood to 2X4

txmatMarch 3, 2009

I am attaching 3/4" plywood for a workbench top to supports made of 2x4 stud lumber. I plan on using metal L brackets. Should I elongate the holes in the brackets to allow for expansion and contraction? If so how do I orient the brackets? The top will be sitting on the edge of 22" 2x4s.

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Nothing to worry about, plywood is stable due to it's composition. It will not move significantly unless soaked with water.

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Thanks Casey, I was thinking that might be the case as I remember something about plywood having no directional grain. No need for slots sure makes it easier.

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Why use L-brackets at all? If you want a bench that will be more solid and stable, you should glue and screw the top to the frame. The only time I use L-brackets is when I have to reinforce something that I'm repairing and visible fasteners won't be acceptable. Since this is a workbench, I'm presuming it's not a big deal if a few countersunk screw heads are visible.

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