Floating wood floor- putting a heavy object on it

kitch1March 22, 2014


This is my first time installing a click type wood floor (Mirage product). I will use a floormuffler product underlayment over mostly leveled cement (I plan to use a leveling product and no hardi backer so save weight- 2nd floor install). Need to remove tiles first.

I'm a newbie so thanks for your help in advance on my questions! I know that I need to leave 1.4" gap at all the walls to allow for expansion BUT, I have a heavy elliptical machine in this room (on a matt). I was also thinking of adding one of those inlay Medallions in the room- neither of which would move much. Will this make the floor buckle? What are my options? Someone at a floor store said to glue the planks around the machine- not sure that would make sense. I could cut out a boarder around the machine and fill it in with some type of rubber fill. Not ideal but at least this way, the floor could move. I might also have a lightweight table (50 lbs.) on the floor- what are the weight limits on the floor? Also, if the inlay doesn't move, would that be an issue? I think the instructions call to glue it down. It's about 3 feet across by 3 feet- medallion type.


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Its not the weight but the vibration of the machine that could loosen the joints, so the glue will keep it together.

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