Need advice--pub table

gcpommomAugust 12, 2009

I finished the tiling on the table top....but don't know what to do with the edge where the hardiboard and tiles rise above the black edging of the table. I was going to use white glass tiles, but decided against it.

Could I just grout that area when I grout the table? It is about 1/2" from the black edging to the tabletop, and about 3/16" deep. Is that too much area to cover with grout?

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GCP: I think if it were me I would put another row of red...I think that might be too big a space to leave just grout...just my opinion......

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GCP, you can use another row of tiles, or you might consider painting the edge before you seal it. Whatever you decide, this will be a project to be proud of.


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gcp- I think your idea of a row of black would be a nice finishing touch. I would be afraid of just grout in this space as I am afraid it would eventually get knocked off and broken. I would use tiles before grouting. I think just painting would not look finished. Just my two cents for what it's worth.

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I agree w/FLAG - another row of black tiles. Such a beautiful piece, and so precise!!

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Thanks for the advice....I will have to experiment with the tiles....the problem I see is that the floor tiles I am using are too thick for the side/edges...the black plastic edging juts out about 1/8", and the floor tiles are much thicker. Plus, if I placed a floor tile piece on the side/edge--with the color side facing out--the top edge of the tile (which would be facing up) has no color on it. I know that sounds confusing...

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Oh, dear. I understand. Since you have such a beautful table top, you might not want to use any other tess other than your tile. Since I'm not a perfectionist, and use all kinds of tess, if I had your problem, I'd cut black half marbles in two, and put the cut side, which w/make a nice border and solve the problem.

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Thanks Slow...that's not a bad idea...I will definitely experiment with that idea...I don't have any in black, but can probably find them somewhere (any ideas where to buy those???)
I also remembered that I have some black ceramic 4x4 bathroom tiles that are slightly thinner than the floor tiles I used...they still are thicker the plastic trim, but not much.
thanks so much for your ideas, ladies, much appreciated!


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