Lindsay Windows - Are these good?

jessraeJuly 28, 2012

Hi - We are working on the plans of our new home, and are over-budget (we need to cut at least $30,000!) Our builder suggested changing to vinyl windows (our house plans have a ton of windows and the current specs are for Marvin Integrity.) He suggested Lindsay Windows. Has anyone ever heard of them? We definitely don't want to skimp on the windows!

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I have my doubts about this product. They appear to use a quality glass for their windows but I am always skeptical about a company that does not show their performance data or any really specifications on their website. Even companies that are typically poor performing windows but the info on the site, it may be in a very obscure place and close to impossible to find but it is usually there. that being said they may be fine but I have never heard of them and so this is just my observations.

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I looked at Lindsay Windows before and thought they were fine. The company has been around since 1947 and just last year opened a new plant just west of Chicago. Their performance numbers can be found on their website under Marketing (link is on the top right of the page) and then scroll down for the particular window you want. I was looking at the slim profile Sunview model.

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Its great that they have been around since 1947 but what type of windows did they manufacture be fore "upvc" and why do they not offer anything else?

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Most agree that Sunrise makes a great window, but don't they offer only a vinyl option, too?

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Just an observation on my part that they have been around 65 plus years and only make uPVC. You registered today what are the odds your an employee of Lindsay Windows?

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Thanks so much for your responses. I'll have to take a closer look at them and maybe check out some other options as well.

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Yes, I registered today. I've been reading these posts for weeks. I recently bought windows - hope to have them installed next week. I previously registered at a different website - I strongly considered Lindsay, as well as Sunrise, but ultimately chose Okna. I felt all would have been good choices. I registered today because I saw a question that I felt I could comment on. Unlike some, I have seen the window and reviewed the performance numbers on them.

No, I don't work for Lindsay or any other window manufacturer.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

All things being considered, you picked a really good window.

Let us know how it goes.

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Lindsay did make wood windows at one time but I believe they sold that part. Lindsay usually takes a week or so to get back to you so I'm pretty sure Somedaycame does not work for them.

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I didn't have any problems with Lindsay getting back to me (I, too, couldn't find the performance numbers on the website until I called and was quickly directed to where it is at). I had also asked some technical questions of the local independent salesman/installer, which he didn't know at first. The next day I got a call from a manager of the Lindsay plant in Warrenville, IL who addressed my questions.

Now, like I said, I ultimately didn't choose Lindsay. But I had more of a concern with the installer than the window. Interestingly, the guy who sold me the Okna windows had also previously defended Lindsay on one of the forums. It's not a bad window at all - though I did like the Okna better. For pure aesthetics, I liked the Sunrise even more. I also liked the Okna 500 better than the 800 - a personal choice, of course.

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Ok, SomeDay, thank you for the clarification and I apologize if I offended you but so many people come on here pretending to be a Homeowner reviewing a product with positive and glowing endorsements and never post again. From the site they do not look like a poor choice I am just skeptical when a company changes horses in midstream like that, particularly what may be considered regional brands as opposed to well know marketplace brands.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Todd.....that was hilarious.

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