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truth75July 6, 2009

I live in the Dallas - Fort Worth area. I want to replace 17 older windows. I want a window that will last a lifetime without it costing $1,000. I know people that have been quoted that price on windows from other companies. Also, I do not want to have to perform maintenance on my windows.

I received a quote for Home Depot's Home Services 6500 series window for about $9,500. This seem rather high even though I would get the $1,500 tax credit on top of this. The warranty on this window is outstanding.

I am going to get a quote from World of Windows and Siding. The windows I have heard people comment on are the Alside and the ComfortWorld 4000/6000. This window supposely has an outstanding warranty, too. I have seen negative comments on Alside. I have not seen anyone write negative things about the ComfortWorld product. Also, World of Windows has a lot of recommendations from Angie's List, and it is a TXU Electric Company Authorized Dealer.

Does anyone have any HONEST experiences with the ComfortWorld product? These message boards are very confusing because everyone has a different opinion about a certain brand of window.

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Window World uses Alside windows. So any negative information about Alside would also apply to WW. It's very obvious you haven't actually read the Alside Warranty and compared it to warranties from other manufacturers. If you had, you wouldn't think it's an outstanding warranty.

Somehow I have this feeling we are about to get a surreptitious WW pitch.

Here is a link that might be useful: Excalibur Warranty

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Are Home Depot Home Services 6500 Series better? If so, why?

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I have attached a copy of the warranty for World of Windows and Siding in Dallas - Fort Worth. This warranty goes beyond the one at Alside. How can they do this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Here is the warranty information for World of Windows and Siding in DFW

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Any dealer of any window can offer their own warranty. As long as the consumer understands this is not a factory warranty. The WW warranty doesn't change the fact that Alside windows have defective designs nor does their warranty cover the issues that those flaws cause. I wonder why WW won't publish that the windows are made by Alside? I have asked WW dealers directly if they are Alside Windows and had them lie to me and claim they aren't. Perhaps Alside doesn't want their name associated with WW?

Home Depot 6500 series window is made by Simonton and is the same window as the Simonton Reflections 5500/Prism Platinum. Purchasers can usually get a better price and probably a better installation from a Simonton dealer.

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I have emailed a local Simonton contractor to come to my home for a quote for Simonton windows and Alcoa siding. I like the Simonton window a lot.

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I'd also try and take a look at Gorell, Softlite and Okna if they are available in your area. The more you know, the better decisions you will make and the happier you will be with whichever window you finally decide on. Might save you some time by finding a dealer with a showroom who carries different brands. Keep in mind that installation quality is just as important as window quality.

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Hi Truth75,

My two cents! We recently purchased windows and did lots of research. You should really do your own research and take what you read from forums very lightly. Many of the people commenting on forums are employees of companies (competitors) and will never have anything of value to offer except to create fear. Use the resources available to you, if you have checked Angies List and such, you will get more honest answers from places like that. Not to mention, the company you speak of is America's largest window replacement company. It did not get there by accident. It installs more windows each year than home depot and lowes who do you think is more qaulified? Point is, don't be misled by companies bashing other companies....we saw through the baloney and just did our own research by making decisions on facts rather than fake posts! We ultimately chose World of Windows and we have absolutely no regrets!!!! Don't be fooled.

Here is a link that might be useful: replacement windows

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