Lockheed, Certainteed Bryn Mawr III, or Alliance

16cassieJuly 1, 2011

Wondering which is the better new construction vinyl window for the northeast: Lockheed, Certainteed Bryn Mawr III, or Alliance by Mathews Brothers. Trying to decide if I want the Anderson 400 series or one of those mentioned above. Any comments or experiences from someone with knowledge of these windows would be quite helpful. We've been round and round in trying to decide which windows to get. Help us!!

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You really are going to have to decide whether you want vinyl or wood before going any further. I don't really like any of your vinyl choices. Northeastern U.S. has a very large selection of vinyl windows. Some of the brands I like are Sunrise, Okna, Gorell and Soft-Lite.

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We thought we wanted the wood interior Anderson 400 TW Series. We currently have wood interior windows. We thought maybe the vinyl windows would be more cost effective, but got quotes for the Lockheed Vinyl windows and 400 series (wood clad aluminum); and there was only about a $300 price difference. Many people I have talked to love their vinyl windows "no maintenance, etc", but once you do the initial staining, polying on the wood windows, there really isn't a lot of upkeep after that. I haven't seen many reviews on Lockheed windows, but the salesman in our area who has been in the business for 20-something years highly recommends them. Then again, Anderson has many reviews and good reviews of their service department should something go wrong. I really was hoping someone could say something constructive to clarify which would make the better window in the long run???? Thanks, Skydawggy for your reply.

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Sorry but with the lack of detailed information you are giving it difficult to give you much advice. Perhaps the Lockheed windows are overpriced and that's why the difference is only $300. Hard to say since you haven't even said how many windows you are considering. Andersen 400's are decent windows. Have you looked at any other brands like Marvin?

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just a note to clarify something, Andersen 400 series are a vinyl clad frame and a painted exterior on the sash if your using double hungs and in casements both the frame and sash are vinyl wrapped

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Thanks for the responses. Regardless of my desires for aesthetic reasons, if you were replacing 20 Peachtree double-hung windows in YOUR home, which would you choose? Anderson 400 TW Series, or Lockheed Nucon Vinyl windows? Please state your choice and why, if you would be so kind??!!

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If price is not a factor, the Andersen 400 is not a bad option at all and will certainly show better than the the Nucon window.

The brochure I looked at shows a very average, at best, new construction vinyl window.

If you can put Andersen 400's in there at the same time, do that window 10 out of 10 times (by comparison).

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We are leaning toward the Anderson 400 series - especially after finding many people unhappy with the 200 series....but the Certainteed BrynMawr III look very good too.... I too ask for any comments.... Thanks, John

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I have Lockheed vinyl windows. I have had them for a little over a year,(2 winters) I think they are terrible. They leak almost as much as our old wooden windows. These are my first vinyl windows, BUT I am glad we did not do our whole house. I will look for another company for my second floor. I tried to buy local.

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Certainteed bryn mawr are garbage as well.

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my Lockheed windows have ICE FORMING ON THE INSIDE ON THE SEAMS. how much worse can this get.

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Might not be all the windows fault but then again it might be. But you have not given anywhere enough info if you would like an opinion on stopping the ice/condensation.

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