New Milgard Montecito not sliding well

colorfastJuly 31, 2011

Husband and cousin have just installed a new Milgard Montecito. A horizontal slider, 36hx56w. Cousin has installed many windows (formerly worked in carpentry). Everything is level both ways. Montecito is line right below Tuscany and I was told the main difference was the Tuscany had better warranty.

Window is kind of hard to open and slide. We took the moving portion of the window back out, noticed the lower track was a little popped up and tapped that back down. Still some resistance on the upper track. Window is tightest right in the middle of opening/shutting. That is to say, it starts off easier, then you have to push harder and then it's easier.

We have cheaper vinyl windows upstairs (12 years old, seldom opened, similar size), and one of them opens easier. The other is about as hard to open although it is more even. I had hoped for better this time given the higher price. Of course they opened easier in the showroom, but then all the windows were smaller in the showroom.

1.Are we missing anything? A screw or something obvious that we need to remove? We have looked, but never hurts to ask.

2. Is there something with the upper track we could do? Could we add any kind of lubricant (or is that not recommended)?

I know it's a big window and it's heavy, but I thought it was worth asking. It's in a kitchen so we would like to open it occasionally.

Thanks for your help.


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Have you made sure the window and opening are square? Have you checked to make sure the frame isn't bowed?
Never believe anyone who says 2 items are the same except the warranty. In order to make a window less expensive, most manufacturers reduce th quality of something. Weather it be the quality of the vinyl, the amount of weatherstripping, the type of spacer etc. I have never see any manufacturer offer the exact same product for less with the only difference being the warranty.

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Hey, opening was square and window was level both directions. Window did not look bowed. My cousin has installed a lot of windows.

We are not sure that given the size of the window there is anything wrong with it or if I was being too picky. The ease of our door sliders is probably what caused me to question it, but they have a very different mechanism than windows, as my husband pointed out to me.

As to the Montecito--it was not a huge difference in price but for the sake of future readers, I should clarify. The only difference that mattered TO ME was the warranty. The Tuscany had better locking mechanisms, and aesthetically had a couple of other things going for it that to me were subtle and not related to performance.

The Milgard Styleline (I think that's the name) was their builder's grade. It did not have equal sight lines, you could not get the better window screen, the weep holes design was different, and E values lower. Window was constructed of much less vinyl than the other two.

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Try a little dry film silicone on the weatherstripping and the tracks. See if it smooths out.

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