cable protection?

analogmusicmanFebruary 21, 2014

I'll be putting a 20A outlet into my kitchen island. it will be on the side just below the counter top. of course, the wires going to the outlet (12-2 romex) will be exposed inside the cabinet. my question is: isn't there some sort of NEC code that states that such exposed wiring be protected?


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Ron Natalie

NM can be run exposed as long as it's not subject to physical damage. Most people wouldn't consider inside a cabinet to be subject to damage.

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ok,I can buy that for a regular kitchen cabinet. regular dishes won't damage the NM. BUT,this cabinet happens to be a "kitchen island" and my wife has be known to toss the "George Forman" grill in there and really anything with a sharp edge just might puncture the NM and horrors of horrors somebody COULD get electrocuted! you'd think that NEC would address that.


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Why not install some conduit along the back to run the electrical in, no chance of damage then. There are different types out there like small square ones that are open at the back and fit over 14/2 or 14/3 wire and screw on to the inside of the cabinet. They are discrete and can be painted. Hope that helps

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"you'd think that NEC would address that."

It does. If it's subject to physical damage, it needs to be protected. You just stated that it is. It it's behind a drawer bank it could be argued that it's not, but I always install flex over it regardless.
Just slide some flex over it.

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so I guess NM can go inside flexible conduit?


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For short runs, yes, you can put NM inside conduit (flexible or fixed) for protection.

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