Clad vs wood vs vinyl vs sashes

dawgtiredncJuly 18, 2011

Hi Everyone!!! New to this forum so I would like to thank y'all in advance for any replies to this. We are having our house painted and it's going to be $1700 to paint the windows. There are some pretty ugly aluminum storm windows in front of our wooden windows. We are taking those storm windows down since they weren't doing much to begin with. OK here is the dilema. We have 19 rather large windows to consider. My wife isn't sure she can live with windows that aren't wood. Does anyone regret replacing their wood windows with clad or vinyl ones, and/or sashes? Also, I know it limits my options on brands but I have a prepaid card from Home Depot with about $20k on it. I would obviously prefer to use that but I don't want to and then regret my decision. Thanks and I really look forward to hearing your opinions.

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The jump from wood to wood clad is not terrible and will eliminate the painting necessity in the future.

Wood to fiberglass is also not a huge one and can look very classy and consistent with the architecture.

Wood to vinyl is going to be the most stark and especially considering the brands that HD sells.

I think you nee to figure on what you are comfortable with and go from there.

There are insulated storm glass windows, however, they are probably as aesthetically morphing as a wood clad window would be if not more.

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