Does Salad Bowl Finish 'yellow' the wood?

2LittleFishiesMarch 12, 2012

Waterlox gave my walnut samples an amber tint? Does the Salad Bowl finish do the same? I have General Finishes one but haven't used it...

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No, it's crystal clear, vry low-yellowing effect.

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Does it protect well? I assume (but don't know) it's not as protective as Waterlox. If you put Salad Bowl Finish on an island top (no sink) do you have to reapply after a certain time? Can you "spot fix" things?

Still leaning towards mineral oil but being we'll be eating at it, I know it will get wiped down several times a day and thought a finish would be easier. (Also don't want shiny, but I heard salad bowl isn't very shiny)


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I do not know of a finish that is not food/eating safe when cured.

Any 'oil' finish is going to be less protective than almost any curing finish like varnish or Waterlox(actually a type of varnish.). It advertises it is tung oil based,, but the resins added actually provide the protection. Tung oil by itself is not very protective.

That makes Waterlox more a varnish than an oil finish. There is nothing wrong with that, Waterlox is a woodworking favorite. I know of hobby and pro woodworkers who use it.

You might look for a water based varnish. Water based finishes do not add that amber tint and can provide similar protection.

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Salad bowl finish is very thin, and obviously not a protective as a thick film finish like w-lox or poly. But it's very pretty, looks like a hand-rubbed finish.
I don't think the "Tianamen's Best" (TM) depleted-uranium, lead-fortified tank varnish is recommended for food-prep areas.


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Can Salad Bowl finished be applied over mineral oil or would all traces of oil have to be removed first?

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I haven't used GF Salad Bowl Finish in years, but it used to be exactly the same product as their Arm-R-Seal, just re-labeled. Arm-R-Seal is labeled as a "Oil and Urethane Blend" Translation: polyurethane varnish thinned to wiping consistency.

RE: Waterlox. It is a varnish. Instead of the common linseed oil and alkyd+urethane resins, it is made from tung oil and phenolic resins. Like all varnishes, it is cooked in absence of air and the oil and resins chemically combine, inheriting properties of the type of oil and resin chosen, but no longer oil and no longer resin. Waterlox plays fast and loose with "tung oil" monicker throughout their web site, but if you search long and deep enough, they say buried there, "Waterlox has never made any claims that we manufacture anything but a varnish"

Here is a link that might be useful: what is waterlox

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I used Salad Bowl on my baking center. I put on 6 coats, and am very happy with the results. It's realy easy to "refresh",just sand and apply another coat on top.

I've never used Waterlox. Would have but the cost of a quart shipped very high and I got the other from Rockler with free shipping.

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