anybody heard of Royal Tech Windows?

floridadawgloverJuly 25, 2008

I am looking for windows with blinds between the glass, and today I found a company named Royal-Tech Windows on the internet ( They are based in Michigan and make vinyl windows that have blinds that are hermetically sealed between insulated glass so that you never have to clean them. The outside of the glass is also supposed to be self-cleaning. These windows would be much less expensive than the Pela Designer Series. Does anyone have these windows or know if they are as good as they sound? Thanks in advance!

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The problem I see with blinds that are sealed between the glass with no access to service them is that being a mechanical operation to raise and lower them, what do you do when something breaks. You end up replacing at least the sash if not the whole window to fix the blinds. Where in the Pella windows the hinge panel opens offering access to the blinds or shades making them much easier to service.

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You have a good point there. How often do the Pella blinds need to be cleaned, if you have the triple pane windows and do not open up the hinged glass unnecessarily?

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Very seldom have I heard anyone have to clean their blinds. The seal on the window going into the third pane is pretty good, so if you do not open the hinged panel you should not have to worry about cleaning the blinds

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Yes royal tech is in Taylor Mi they ship windows nation wide The blinds between the glass feature is great and there are no problems with them they last forever and you never have to clean them they are maintance free

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