large vinyl awning window

will_outJuly 31, 2012

I am enlarging a kitchen window - the size will be 50" wide by 60" high. Have got three quotes for awning windows. Here's the thing. Pella will do a 50x60 awning in fibreglass in their impervia duracast line, but not in that size in vinyl. One other reputable local manufacturer, North Star (I'm in Canada), will NOT do an awning at this size. But I got a third quote from another installer who will do a 50x60 awning in vinyl - but I'm a bit sceptical. He also came in at half the price of the others and some warning bells went off.

So my question is, can anyone see anything wrong with a 50x60 awning window in vinyl?

The other option is I do a fixed transom above a smaller awning. The problem with this is you get a 7-8 inch space between the windows, which will reduce the awning to about 38 inches high.

Finally (if anyone's reading this far) any thoughts on Pella impervia? They quoted 40% more expensive than North Star.

Thanks a million!

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yeah that size is too large for a single awning window and I would be willing to dam near guarantee you will have problems with in that size especially in vinyl and Pella Impervia no so much either.

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Are you planning to open this window? An Awning unit that size may only open 8-10" and therefore provide minimal ventilation. I recommend a stacked 2H awning unit or double casement the same size.
Many people don't open their windows, so it might be a moot point.
Check Andersen too. They may do it via special order.

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An awning window doesn't just open 10 inches on the bottom. It is also then open all the way up both sides. It provides plenty of ventilation. I love a large awning because it's like a vented picture window, and you don't have to look through mullions.

I wouldn't personally do a window like that in vinyl. Look into Marvin Integrity or Marvin Infinity. Or if you want to spend the money, Marvin Ultimate will have some awesome options for you. Fiberglass is a better option for the strength of an awning that large.

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