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montelJuly 16, 2010


I will be building a new home this year in the bay area - we are doing a modern style home and are interested in putting in good quality windows that don't cost too much.

I originally wanted to do vinyl windows and looked at Milgard Style Line (thin framed).

I was trying to stay away from Aluminum since I thought it cost more that vinyl plus I would like as good of efficiency as I can get.

So my questions are:

If you were doing a modern home design, wanted windows with as small a frame as possible, didn't want wood (due to upkeep), what type would you choose - Vinyl or Aluminum with a thermal break?

And then after that answer what brand?

I am staying away from Pella, don't really want to do Blomberg (we have these in our office building and I don't like them).

Have looked at Marvin, Anderson, Milgard, Soundproof, Weathershield so far...

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I am confused you state aluminum with a thermal break or vinyl yet you list no aluminum with a thermal break windows. The brands you list are either aluminum or vinyl clad wood for the most part. What type of window are you actually looking for? What is your budget? What style home?

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As stated in the original question, we are doing a modern home design. We want to have slim vinyl or thermal break aluminum - no vinyl clad wood or aluminum clad windows.

Milgard has an aluminum product with thermal break, so does Blomberg.

Budget isn't set yet, but I am not looking for high cost windows, however they need to be reasonably energy efficient and good quality windows. I would go right with the Milgard Style Line if I had to choose today - but I looking for some other opinions or options...

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I guess I am looking for other advice.

Aluminum with Thermal Break or full Vinyl?

If Vinyl, the best vinyl brand with thin frames?

If Aluminum, the best brand for the money - I already want to stay away from someone like Blomberg due to price...Fleetwood? Milgard? or any others...

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Aluminum will provide you with the narrowest profile.

Fiberglass will be next, vinyl and wood clad are the thickest.

I have had good success with Milgard Aluminum in other jobs. Stick with sliders though. Their Double hungs were problematic.

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And the problem with sliders is they are the least energy efficient of any type of window.

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Anyone else have experience with the Milgard Aluminum line with the thermal break?

Or any other options that don't cost too much???


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Back with more help needed.

The aluminum windows from Milgard are not available with a thermal break or otherwise at all in California.

The Style Line vinyl from Milgard also isn't available in awaning or casement like we will need (plus after seeing the varying thickness of the vinyl we don't want them).

Our next shot was with Marvin Integrity Ultrex fiberglass inside & out wiht a sheet rock return - we would need to do some re-design on our plans as they aren't available in the larger sizes we want with 3 windows side by side etc...

So we are looking for other options and need help!!!

We don't want wood or vinyl if we can help it - we would prefer fiberglass at this point, but would go with aluminum if we have to. Again this is for a modern home - so a bronze or dark finish on the outside - sheetrock return with pain white on the inside is fine.

The Blomberg windows would work - but will be pretty expensive, ditto with Inline...So I am looking for some better choices.


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